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It is published on GitHub.

Example of using fh command

  • Execute the same command for multiple servers.
  • Automate communication confirmation that is performed many times.
  • Prepare the release work in advance, and only need to execute a few lines in the release.

Features of fh command

(1) Low learning cost (simple)

The fh command is a simple option that you can easily understand by looking at “fh -h”. …

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Unit of time

  • Seconds (s)
  • Milliseconds (ms)
  • Microseconds (µs)
  • Nanoseconds (ns)
1 s   = 1,000 ms  = 1,000,000 µs = 1,000,000,000 ns
0.1 s = 100 ms = 100,000 µs = 100,000,000 ns
0.01 s = 10 ms =…

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