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I made a tool in bash to deploy to a remote server like Python Fabric.
With a few simple options, you can run commands or run shell scripts against the remote server. You can efficiently configure and test multiple Linux servers.

It is published on GitHub.

Example of using fh command

  • Execute the same command for multiple servers.
  • Automate communication confirmation that is performed many times.
  • Prepare the release work in advance, and only need to execute a few lines in the release.

Features of fh command

(1) Low learning cost (simple)

The fh command is a simple option that you can easily understand by looking at “fh -h”. …

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Time is important in the trading system. Because, without the correct time, accurate analysis is not possible. Time is even more important in HFT. HFT makes high-frequency trading in a short time. It’s a world of 1 microsecond, and 1 nanosecond, not 1 millisecond.

Unit of time

Let’s review the unit of time before talking about NTP and PTP.

  • Seconds (s)
  • Milliseconds (ms)
  • Microseconds (µs)
  • Nanoseconds (ns)
1 s   = 1,000 ms  = 1,000,000 µs = 1,000,000,000 ns
0.1 s = 100 ms = 100,000 µs = 100,000,000 ns
0.01 s = 10 ms =…

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